If you always develop blisters when running or hiking, you can use ZINC OXIDE TAPE or KINESIOLOGY TAPE as a blister tape to prevent blisters from forming.

Both tapes work by preventing your shoe or sock from rubbing directly against the skin. ZINC OXIDE TAPE is softer to the touch, so is more comfortable to wear. However, it is not waterproof and will only last 1 day.
For longer-lasting results, use KINESIOLOGY TAPE over the top of your ZINC OXIDE TAPE application in order to waterproof the tape. ZINC OXIDE TAPE will only last 1 day, whereas KINESIOLOGY TAPE is waterproof and will last 3+ days on the foot and ankle.



Rip a few small strips of ZINC OXIDE tape. Preferably SPORTTAPE ZINC OXIDE TAN TAPE. Then stick them directly onto your skin where your blisters normally form. You want to cover as much skin as needed to prevent friction. 

Because ZINC OXIDE tape is non-elastic, using too much tape will restrict movement, so only use short strips.

Cover your ZINC OXIDE tape with a short strip of KINESIOLOGY TAPE. K Tape is water-resistant, and uses a stronger glue than even the stickiest Zinc Oxide Tapes. Give it 30 minutes to set, and you’re good to go!


It would be an understatement to say that the insoles in running shoes and walking boots don’t have particularly soft edges, especially on the inside arch. 

Insoles are the most common cause of blisters, and can cause real irritation when wearing them for long stretches of time. Especially when your feet are sweating, or getting soaked from wading through streams!

Use SPORTTAPE KINESIOLOGY TAPE or SPORTTAPE ZINC OXIDE tape to prevent blisters causes by insole friction. Fold one strip of your chosen blister tape carefully around the inside edge of your insole, it creates a softer and more forgiving surface that your feet will thank you for.

Keep your feet in one piece using the best Zinc Oxide tape you’ll ever use from the links below. Blister tapes won’t solve the problem, but they may help in preventing the development of a blister.

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