Using our KINESIOLOGY TAPE ANKLE APPLICATION guide, learn how to apply Kinesology Tape for Ankle Stability. All you need is a partner, a sharp pair of scissors, a roll of Kinesiology Tape clean skin and 2 MINUTES of your time.

Watch the KINESIOLOGY TAPE ANKLE APPLICATION video above and read the summary below to learn how to tape an ankle for stability using Kinesiology Tape.

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  • Lying face down, measure the tape from the heel to the upper calf.

  • Round the edges and lay your anchor down at the base of the heel with 0% stretch.

  • Dorsiflex the foot and lay the rest of the tape down along the line of the calf, with 0% stretch.


  • Move to a seated position and measure the tape from the arch to mid calf, aiming laterally.

  • Lay your anchor down under the arch. Plantar flex and invert the foot.

  • Lay the tape down along tibialis anterior with 0% stretch.


  • Measure a long strip of tape and tear several sections of backing paper.

  • Dorsiflex the foot.

  • Apply the tape with 0% stretch from the medial shin, aiming laterally.

  • Continue under the arch, then lay the final section with a 50% stretch over the lateral ankle ligament.

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