Discover the best Kinesiology Tape Knee Application in under 2 minutes. Learn how to apply Kinesiology Tape to KNEE PAIN areas, including the inner (MCL) and outer (LCL) knee. Using SPORTTAPE Kinesiology Tape, all you need is a sharp pair of scissors, clean skin and just 2 minutes of your time.

We GUARANTEE you’ll learn how to apply Kinesiology Tape to Knee pain areas by watching this simple Kinesiology Tape Knee Application. Also, use the the step-by-step instructions below, to help learn this Kinesiology Tape Knee Application.




  • Place your knee in moderate flexion (we found sitting as the easiest position for this).

  • Measure the tape along the length of MCL or LCL.

  • Cut 2 I STRIP’s and rip the end of the backing paper at both ends.


  • Remove the centre peice of backing paper to reveal the tape.

  • Stretch the tape and lay it down over MCL/LCL with 50% stretch.

  • Lay the ends of the tape down with 0% stretch to prevent recoil.


  • Repeat with a second I STRIP to create an X over the specific site of pain.

  • A third strip can be used to create a star shape if additional support is needed.

  • The same application can be used on either medical or lateral knee.

  • Wait 30 minutes before exercise to allow the glue time to set.