Learn how to apply Kinesiology Tape for CALF STRAIN or CALF CRAMP by following our step-by-step K Taping guide. Physio taping for calf is incredible popular with runners, so is a great one to learn around marathon season. This video and guide will teach you to self-apply K Tape for the calf.




  • Measure the tape from the bottom to top of the calf.

  • Cut 2 long I STRIPs and 1 short I STRIP. Round the edges to prevent them catching on clothing.

  • Rip the ends of the long strip and lay the base of the strip down with 0% stretch at the top of the achilles.


  • Lunge forward to put the calf on stretch (it's much easier if you have a friend to help).

  • Apply one I STRIP over the medial calf with 0% stretch, and then repeat for the lateral calf.


  • Prepare the short strip by removing the middle section of backing paper.

  • See our video 'K Taping Techiques' if you're unsure how.

  • Stretch the tape to 50% and apply direclty over the point of pain.

  • Stick the ends of the tape down with 0% stretch.

  • Wait at least 30 minutes before beginning exercise.