Learn how to apply Kinesiology Tape to the Hamstring for HAMSTRING PAIN and STIFFNESS by following our easy K Taping guide. The most popular Kinesiology Taping Leg application, the hamstring technique combines the neutral and stretch techniques into one application. Recap the Taping Techniques video if you're new to K Taping.




  • Measure the tape along the belly of the hamstring that you are aiming to affect, for this video it is Biceps Femoris.

  • Cut your I STRIP and round the corners.

  • Lay your first base down at the ischial tuberosity (top of the hamstring) with no tension on the tape.

  • Bend forwards, placing the hamstring into a stretched position.


  • Lay your I STRIP down along the belly of Biceps Femoris with 0% stretch.

  • Stand back up to return to a neutral position.


  • Cut a second, shorter I STRIP.

  • Rip the backing paper of your second I STRIP at both ends and remove the centre section of backing paper.

  • Gripping the tape using the backing paper that is still stuck, stretch the middle of the tape to 50-75% and lay it down directly over the top of the specific site of pain.

  • Lay the tails of the tape down with no tension to prevent recoil at the ends.

  • Wait 30 minutes before starting any exercise.