Learn Kinesiology Taping for NECK PAIN and NECK STIFFNESS by following our K Taping guide. This application provides may increase range of movement around the neck, and reduce pain.

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  • Measure a strip of tape from the upper back to the hair line at the neck.

  • Cut a Y STRIP by cutting the strip in half, leaving a small tab at one end.

  • If you’re unsure how, see our ‘Taping Techniques’ video

  • Lay the base of the Y STRIP with 0% stretch at the base of the neck, between the scapula.


  • Tilt the neck downwards and to the left to put the muscle on stretch

  • Apply the right tail of the Y STRIP with 0% stretch, following the muscle to the hairline.

  • Tilt the neck downwards and to the right.

  • Apply the left tail of the Y STRIP with 0% stretch.


  • Return the head to a neutral position.

  • Cut a short strip of tape, measured between the 2 Y STRIP tails.

  • Rip the backing paper into 3 sections, and remove the middle piece.

  • Stick the tape down with 50% stretch directly over any specific point of pain in the neck.

  • Stick the ends of the tape down with 0% stretch to prevent excessive recoil.

  • Wait at least 30 minutes before starting any exercise.