Learn how to strap your knee with our easy to follow taping video. This MCL strapping shows how multiple tapes can be used in conjunction for the greatest effect. This application will use Fixing Tape, Zinc Oxide and EAB and can be adapted to various areas of the body, including the elbow and lateral knee




  • Create your anchors using fixing tape around the mid quad and upper calf.

  • The size of fixing tape (5cm or 10cm width) that you use can be determined by the size of your patient’s joint.

  • Place further strips of fixing tape vertically between your first 2 anchors, covering the line of the MCL.


  • Bend the knee slightly and then place your first strip of Zinc Oxide between the 2 original anchors directly over the MCL midpoint

  • Apply tape from the lower anchor in an upward direction.

  • Lay further strips of Zinc Oxide tape down, fanning the MCL.


  • Overlap the Zinc Oxide using Tear EAB. Start by aiming the EAB diagonally down across the line of the MCL towards the medial side.

  • Wrap the EAB around the back of the calf, covering the fixing tape and then bring it back over the line of the MCL in a figure of 8 shape.

  • Finish by wrapping the anchors around the quad, fully covering the Zinc Oxide and Fixing Tape.

  • This EAB overwrap provides additional support to the area and ensures the Zinc Oxide application is fully protected