Learn to apply Kinesiology Tape for QUADRICEPS or upper leg pain and tightness by following our Quadriceps Kinesiology Tape Application guide.

All you need is just A MINUTE of your time, a roll of Kinesiology Tape, and a pair of sharp scissors.

If you have any questions about the Quardicep Kinesiology Tape Application, don’t hesitate to contact us, or follow our YOUTUBE CHANNEL for access to even more taping tips.




  • Measure a strip of K Tape along the length of the Quad and cut an I STRIP (see our Taping Techniques video for more).

  • Round the edges to prevent fraying and catching on clothing.


  • Put the quads on stretch. We found that a kneeling position is best for self-taping.

  • Apply the end of the I STRIP at the top of the quad with 0% stretch.

  • Lay the rest of the tape down with 0% stretch along rectus femoris (or quad of your choosing).


  • Prepare another short I STRIP, measuring across the quad.

  • Rip the backing paper into 3 and remove the centre section.

  • Stretch the tape to 50% and apply directly over the point of pain.

  • Stick the ends of the tape down with 0% stretch.

  • Wait at least 30 minutes before exercise to allow time for the adhesive to set against the skin.