Learn how to apply Kinesiology tape to the knee by following the video or reading the steps below. This is our most commonly used technique and is ideal for all kinds of knee issues, especially for anyone suffering patella tendon issues where raising the patella could help offload the painful area.




  • Measure a strip of K Tape from the mid-quad to just below the knee.

  • Cut the tape into a Y STRIP (you could also use 2 x I STRIP's).

  • If you're unsure of how to cut a Y STRIP, see our 'K Taping Cuts' video.

  • Lay the base of the Y STRIP at mid quad.

  • Bend the knee, and lay the tails of the Y STRIP around the patella with 25% stretch.


  • Cut a short I STRIP and tear the backing paper to remove the central section.

  • Lay the tape down underneath the patella, aiming upwards with 50-75% tension through the mid part of tape.

  • Bend the knee into full flexion once again, and then lay down the tails with no tension.

  • This will prevent the tape from recoiling back on itself when the knee is flexed.

  • Wait 30 mins before starting any form of exercise. This gives the tape sufficent time to stick.