Learn how to effectively combine K TAPE and STRAPPING TAPE for strapping PATELLA MALTRACKING or KNEE STABILITY.

For this application, you just need a pair of scissors, a roll of Kinesiology Tape, a roll of Zinc Oxide Tape and just 2 MINUTES of your time.

Watch the video above, and follow the step-by-step guide below to help you apply the Strapping Patella Maltracking application.

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  • Using KINESIOLOGY TAPE. Measure your tape between upper Quad to just below the knee.

  • Round the edges and cut a Y-Strip. If you’re unsure how, see our ‘K Tape Cuts’ video.

  • Apply the anchor with 0% stretch and then flex the leg as much as possible.

  • Apply the tails with 50% stretch, wrapping the patella.


  • Measure and cut Fixing Tape, and then apply over the inferior and superior patella.

  • Using ZINC OXIDE TAPE. Apply the tape from lateral to medial over the top of the fixation tape, folding back on itself at the mid-patellar line.

  • Apply a shorter strip from medial to lateral overlapping the first to create a small tab.

  • Place the patella into a medial glide with your thumb, and then stick the Zinc Oxide aka strapping patella tape down on the medial joint line.

  • Repeat on top of the other strip of Fixation tape.


  • Using KINESIOLOGY TAPE, measure your tape across the width of the knee and cut 2 strips.

  • Apply anchor on lateral side with 0% stretch

  • Apply the middle section of the tape with 75% stretch, covering the Zinc Oxide and Fixation tapes.

  • Repeat for the other strip of Zinc Oxide tape, covering it fully.