Medial epicondylitis, aka GOLFERS ELBOW is on the rise again as players hit the links again after a forced break. It usually manifests as pain around the inside of the elbow when lifting, gripping or rotating the elbow. Not enough to make you stop, but definitely enough to hinder your game.

Taping for golfers elbow using KINESIOLOGY TAPE  can help reduce the inflammation around the elbow, ease pain and increase blood flow to the area. This technique may help to reduce the pain by moving the forearm extensor muscles away from the painful area.


  • Apply Fixation Tape as an anchor just below the elbow.
  • Using Zinc Oxide 3.8cm, apply a strip on top of the Fixation Tape from the medial to lateral side, folding half of the strip back on itself.
  • Apply a shorter strip of Zinc Oxide tape from lateral to medial overlapping on the first to create a tab.
  • Lift the tab and pull the tape laterally, laying down across the ulna.
  • Measure enough Kinesiology Tape to fully cover the Zinc Oxide Tape.
  • Remove the centre section of backing paper. For more detail see our ‘Taping Technique’ video.
  • Stick the Kinesiology Tape down using the stretch technique, covering the Zinc Oxide tape fully.
  • Flex the wrist as much pain allows. Ths will place the muscles in the forearm on stretch.
  • Measure a strip of K tape along the length of the forearm and round the edges.
  • Lay the tape down with 0% stretch along the forearm. Starting at the elbow and finishing at the wrist.

That’s it! Now go and put your tape into action.

Buy everything you need using the links below 👇 and you’ll be taping for GOLFERS ELBOW in no time 👏