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We’ve scoured the country to find the best therapists who apply tape on a weekly, sometimes daily, basis. We put them through the ringer to answer one question – what do THEY think are the best applications for their sport.

From this, we returned with honest, practical, useful taping advice from the best in the business.

The first in our series is rugby taping expert / perfectionist and WRU 7’s Physiotherapist; Ben Warburton. You can read the summarised application below or download our detailed FREE 4 PAGE MCL TAPING EBOOK using the link below. 


In this blog, Ben takes us through a tried & tested MCL Strapping application for athletes suffering with knee pain. Primarily used and developed with rugby players, it can be used for Medial Collateral Ligament (MCL) & Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) injuries or combined for full-knee support.

Ben suggests using “brown sticky tape” & “chicken skin” (aka ZINC OXIDE TAN & TEAR EAB), however you could substitute them for other tapes as you see necessary.

It’s an 8-STEP, effective & versatile application but please don’t read it as being prescriptive, always use your own clinical reasoning to get the best results for your athlete.


Start your MCL Strapping application by creating your anchors using 10CM FIXATION TAPE equal distance above and below the knee (approx. 5-10cm). Place a further strip of FIXATION TAPE vertically, covering the MCL.

Finally apply the 3.8CM ZINC OXIDE TAN onto the lower and upper FIXATION TAPE, leaving 1-2CM at each end.


Using ZINC OXIDE TAN 3.8CM for extra support, apply a strip directly over the MCL midpoint.

Lay further strips down, fanning the MCL in an X pattern.

Continue to lay a further 6-8 strips of ZINC OXIDE TAN in an X pattern to provide support as required. A wider 5CM ZINC OXIDE TAN may be required for larger athletes.

Once the fan is finished cover the ends at the top and bottom.



Overlap the ZINC OXIDE TAN using 7.5CM TEAR EAB. Start by aiming the EAB diagonally down across the line of the MCL towards the medial side. Wrap the EAB around the back of the calf twice, covering the FIXATION TAPE and then bring it back over the line of the MCL in a figure of 8 shape.


Repeat the figure of 8’s 2-3 times. Once finished, wrap the anchors around the quad, fully covering the ZINC OXIDE TAN and FIXATION TAPE. This provides additional support to the area and ensures the application is protected from the elements.

Secure the ends of the EAB with ZINC OXIDE TAN TAPE OR PVC SOCKTAPE.

We’ve taped thousands of knees but we’ve never stopped learning. There is always room for improvement.. 

So… give the app a try, have a play around with it and let us know what you think? We’re here to share ideas not prescribe them. We’d love to feature your apps and help other therapists learn from your experiences as well as ours.

P.S For the full application in greater detail (Tips, photos & advice) download our FREE EBOOK below.