A family business, with sport in our DNA, we are on a mission to support a million athletes a week with tapes they can trust.

It has taken nearly a decade, to become an overnight success. Kate-Anne (our founder) tells the story best… 

Like most athletes, I’m a miserable bi*ch, if I can’t exercise. Back in 2010, I was continually hampered by injuries so my physio patched me up with kinesiology tape. Although sceptical at first, I soon became plastered in the stuff and was eulogising about it to everyone.

SPORTTAPE was born out of a passion to help other athletes be less miserable (get injured less and recover faster). I wanted them to feel the benefits of kinesiology tape, without the bullsh*t and pseudoscience.

The only way to do that, was to start my own company. And the highly imaginative name, well, I couldn’t afford to pay for advertising, so just chose Googles No 1 Search term.

Fortunately, my naive enthusiasm paid off. We managed to supply Team GB for London 2012 and that propelled us to fame.

We have now sold over 5 million meters of our flagship kinesiology tape and it has been worn by Olympians and World Champions. 


If you focus on one thing, you can do it really well. We put blood, sweat and several years into perfecting our kinesiology tape. Then, we focussed our obsession on creating a complete range of sports tapes.

Sports tapes

No easy task. We knew that sports clubs needed to protect their players and the budget. We had to create a range that could be worn by the professionals yet was affordable to amateurs.

Now in our third season, we’ve gained a reputation for quality and affordability. Our tapes are worn every weekend by over 300 clubs, ranging from the Premiership to your local Sunday league.

And we’re only just getting started…