Ever wondered how pro footballers get that seamless sock look even when wearing grip socks or their own ankle socks?

SOCK WRAP is the answer. By using sock wrap you can bridge the gap between your team cut off socks and grip socks. This creates the illusion of a single sock.

Our very own baller,  Keyon (Pro Player with Merthyr Town FC) will show you how. 


  • Grab a pair of sharp scissors and your club socks
  • Cut your club socks just above the ankle
  • Secure your shin guards using UNDERWRAP
  • Out on your grip socks
  • Then roll your club sock up and over your shin guards
  • Bridge the gap between your clubs socks and grip socks using SOCK WRAP. Wrap around your shin 3-4 times and press to secure
  • If needed, then use SOCK TAPE to secure your socks above your shin guard

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