Man lifting weights using SPORTTAPE Thumb Tape for Hook Grip


With endless sets and heavy lifts, your thumbs are always paying the price. So we’ve brought in a BRAND NEW Tape to help make your HOOK GRIP more comfortable.

Meet THUMB TAPE – a.k.a. Tear EAB 3.8cm.

There’s no question, 5CM TEAR EAB is still the most versatile tape in your kit bag. But, they’re not a like for like swap. THUMB TAPE is the perfect size for your hook grip.

So bag yourself a few rolls and give them a try. We GUARANTEE you’ll be giving yourself the thumbs up!



Head Coach at Dragon Athletic Weightlifting Club and Welsh International Weightlifter

We won’t make claims that we can’t back up. That’s why we sent some samples of the new THUMB TAPE to our most trusted weightlifter, Rhodri Beynon.

At the age of just 21, Rhodri’s been around the block. As an international weightlifter and the head coach at Dragon Athletic Weightlifting Club, his career in weightlifting has gone from strength to strength (pardon the pun).

With such experience, he knows a thing or two about tape in Weightlifting. So we asked him what the big difference was between 5CM TEAR EAB and our new SPORTTAPE THUMB TAPE.


“Personally, I much prefer this new THUMB TAPE to the TEAR EAB as it feels easier to tear,” Rhodri said. “It feels a little bit thinner than your bog-standard EAB, which helps massively for ripping, and I also found it’s a lot stickier. And the best part is that the durability isn’t compromised.”

Three rolls of SPORTTAPE Thumb tape for hook grip taping applications

“I much prefer the new size as it makes it more comfortable to bend my thumb. Ready to lift!”

Rhodri Beynon

Rhodri feels that this extra stickiness is massive benefit to the when compared to the original TEAR EAB.

“There’s less chance of the tape peeling midsession,” he says. “As a result, I’ve only had to tape my thumbs up once. Before using THUMB TAPE, I’d have to reapply my hook grip multiple times in a long session in the gym.”

He also feels there’s a bit more freedom on the thumbs when using THUMB TAPE for hook grip. “I much prefer the new size as it makes it much more comfortable to bend my thumb. Ready to lift!”


“Ultimately, with thumb tape is there as a protective layer between your skin and the bar,” Rhodri says. “Hook grip can be really uncomfortable on the thumbs, so having that extra layer there to protect the skin is a massive benefit.”

A man applying SPORTTAPE Thumb Tape for the hook grip taping application

“My athletes and I will be using the new thumb tape from now on.

Rhodri Beynon

“I have also experienced that it can also help with the grip around the bar meaning I don’t have to think about gripping harder than I need to. The tape helps me feel when I am locked in the hook grip.”

Rhodri has been lifting with SPORTTAPE for over 8 years, and believes it’s the best in the market.

“I honestly thought that the TEAR EAB was the best tape I’ve used for my thumbs,” he said. “But this new branded THUMB TAPE has really surpassed my expectations. My athletes and I will be using it exclusively from now on.”

We’d like to thank Rhodri for giving up his time to give us this feedback.

You can follow him on Instagram and Twitter, and you can reach out to him directly for weightlifting hints and tips on his Coaching Facebook Page.


Taping your thumbs is very simple. If you need a little guidance, we’ve got you covered with our simple-to-follow blog.

We’re constantly innovating and progressing our product range, and this is just the latest!

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