Taping your wrist when playing Rugby makes your wrist stronger and more secure. It could be the difference between making that game-saving tackle, or letting it slip through your fingers.

By taping directly over the wrist joint line, you are restricting the range that you can flex or extend your wrist. This makes your wrist stronger, and less susceptible to impact injuries.


Find your wrist joint line by extending your wrist to 90°. You will see where the skin folds at the back of the wrist. This is your centre line. Return your hand to neutral before taping.

Using 5cm TEAR EAB, wrap the tape around your wrist a few times. Applying the tape with the joint line in the centre.

Using 2.5cm or 3.8cm ZINC OXIDE tape. Apply a short strip of tape around your wrist directly over the joint line.

Test your tape by trying to extend your wrist again. Apply more strips of ZINC OXIDE tape until you have the desired level of restriction.

That’s it. Now you’re ready to get out there and play. Buy your wrist tape below…