You can use KINESIOLOGY TAPE to help reduce pain, improve proprioception and provide dynamic support for a variety of injuries. There’s a also a few times when you should probably leave it in the box.

Read on to discover WHEN you can use KINESIOLOGY TAPE.


  1. Reduce pain from injured muscles as you rehab
  2. Increase lymphatic drainage and reduce inflammation
  3. Provide dynamic support for ligaments & tendons
  4. Improve proprioception in order to perform movements more efficiently
  5. For postural correction

KINESIOLOGY TAPE isn’t a quick fix for injuries though. We recommend that you use K Tape to help facilitate your full rehab programme for the most effective results.

We would ONLY recommend using KINESIOLOGY TAPE for the following instances:

  1. Mild to moderate pain during movement or exercise
  2. Minor swelling or bruising (intermittent compression for the first 48-72 hours is most effective)
  3. No major loss movement or strength
  4. To help improve movement patterns through greater proprioception

K Tape isn’t a miracle cure & should always be used alongside other treatments.

The skill is in the application. To get maximum benefit the right combination of tape and tissue stretch is vital. Learn more using our easy to follow K Tape Guides HERE.

If the tape is stretched too much it can cause irritation & the ends of each strip of tape must always be laid with 0% stretch.

Often the point of pain isn’t the root of the cause. To get the best results ask a trained professional to assist.