We’re stoked to announce the launch of 2 BRAND NEW advanced taping courses, Take your taping skills to the next level with elite sports physiotherapists, Ben Warburton and Chris Jenkins, as they deliver no-nonsense taping advice from the top.

Taping & Strapping for the Foot & Ankle dives into the intricacies of taping and strapping various injuries around the foot & ankle. We cover everything from low ankle sprains, to taping for dorsiflexion restriction, and even turf toe!

Taping & Strapping the Lower Limb takes the same level of detail, and applies it to common injuries around the lower limb. We start with a basic compression taping, and progress to more advanced techniques such as LCL and hip spica taping. We even discuss the merits of taping the ACL, and challenge you to consider times when tape won’t be suitable.

Taping and Strapping Lower Limb CPD Taping Course
Taping and Strapping Foot & Ankle

Backed by our 100% PERFORMANCE GUARANTEE (happy or your money back!) these courses contain everything you’ll need to tape with speed and confidence.

  • Our 4 STEP TAPING methodology (prepare, assess, tape and test!)
  • Taping tips from the best
  • 5 HRS of CPD per course
  • LIFETIME access

No matter your level of taping experience, these courses are for you! We know that you’ll find them incredibly valuable. With Ben Warburton and Chris Jenkins as your instructors, you’re getting taught by over 40 years of Physiotherapy experience.

Time to upskill. Enrol now.