We’re unbelievably proud to launch our latest online course – AN INTRODUCTION TO MATCH DAY PHYSIO.

Working as a match day physio for the first time is bloody nerve wracking. Newly qualified, you’re chucked in the deep-end. Nervous to ask or worse, flying solo.

This course is our antidote.

A passion project for us and Ben, he has divulged everything “he’d wish he’d known”, when he first stepped into a dressing room 10 years ago.


The course covers everything from pre-match preparation, to emergency planning and effective communication. There’s gold in this course regardless if you’re a newbie or not.

  • FREE for a limited time
  • 5 Downloadable Checklists
  • Expert instruction from Ben Warburton
  • 14 Videos
  • Pre-Game, In-Game and Post-Game Modules
  • CPD Certificate

But you’re a taping company. Why create a course that’s nothing to do with tape?

Because without match-day physios, there is no sport.

Ben is paying back the kindness he received during his career and we’re giving back to those therapists that put their trust in us. Together, we hope this course helps you to become a better therapist.

As part of our commitment, we’re offering this course COMPLETELY FREE (for a limited time). Or if you have a CLUB ACCOUNT, it will be FREE FOREVER.

Get match-ready👇👇