Go Wild With Our Latest K Tape

Go Wild With Our Latest K Tape - SPORTTAPE


Bright, bold and with a look you can’t ignore. We’ve been wanting to create a K TAPE like this for a long time.

Why now? We figured, we’ve reached a critical mass of “zaggers” in the SPORTTAPE tribe.

Enough athletes, who dare to get outside their comfort zone.


A passion project of our very own GB Athlete, Ieuan.

Our NEW WILD K TAPE speaks about what we enjoy, where we live and what our brand is all about.

Designed by a friend and awesome designer, Zach Minard. The unique pattern features a combination of ferns and feathers that demands attention.

Expect a lot of: “what’s that on your (insert body part here)?!”.

Meanwhile, under the bold exterior is our proven formula, a super stretchy fabric and extra sticky adhesive. It’s built to last the distance.

Grab a roll of WILD K TAPE and get outside before they’re gone.

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