Just Launched! 2 Brand New Nude K Tape Colours

Just Launched! 2 Brand New Nude K Tape Colours - SPORTTAPE

You Asked. We Acted.

We’re excited to add TWO NEW “Nude K TAPE” skin tones to our Kinesiology Taping Range, (DARK BROWN and BROWN) and take up the mantle as the FIRST UK company to do this.

For Therapists, Athletes and Performers worldwide, the concept of nude K TAPE is often associated with only one tape colour – beige.

But this is just wrong. And we’re proud to be taking the first steps to change that.

So the next time you ask us for ‘skin colour tape’, you’ve got more than just one option.

Our Featured Pro

 Genevieve Tawiah

MSK Physiotherapist at Physio Ed Medical Limited


We caught up with Genevieve Tawiah to learn more about the challenges faced in finding alternative ‘nude’ tape colours.

Genevieve has campaigned with the help of colleagues and clients to encourage companies to reconsider their definitions of nude. She has done so with the goal of increase their offering of tape shades for individuals of colour.

Here are her insights into why this choice is essential, and why YOU should be stocking the new nude K TAPE colours in your clinic.

The Unspoken Truth

“Nude K TAPE and other supportive tape products are consistently sold in a beige shade”, says Genevieve. “Some companies marketed this as ‘nude’, so we reached out to a number of taping companies to encourage them to amend this wording – as of course “nude” comes in a variety of shades beyond beige.

“Suppliers typically give you the option of beige or black, with no other variables to allow discretion for injury support. It is indirect exclusion and unfortunately, it is something people of colour are very used to.

“It is only over the past few years have we seen a diverse range of skin tone plasters at ease to purchase in shops. This movement alone brought excitement and validation to many as they saw their skin to be cared about and considered.”

Patients Need Choice

Genevieve believes that having the choice allows patients to feel they have a level of control over their injury management.

“As clinicians, I feel we should be doing all we can to offer a choice to our patients wherever possible for higher levels of treatment satisfaction,” she says. “Having worked with performers, in particular performers required on stage, I often found it uncomfortable having to offer a beige or black tape with no middle ground for injury discretion.”

“In performing arts, it’s not uncommon for individuals to have to coat their tape in makeup or amend their costume as a person of colour – due to the taping support standing out more boldly on their skin,” she adds.

“Failing this, they would opt to go without, leaving them at further risk of re-injury, or risk of worsening an existing injury, by performing without support. Purely because available shades are not discreet enough on their skin.

“It is a discomfort I have swallowed several times knowing I should be capable of offering more to help these individuals. So it’s exciting to be a part of promoting more options for discretion with SPORTTAPE’s new shades.”


Genevieve believes that bringing these new nude K TAPE colours is an innovative step in the tape industry.

“I am honestly really excited about being able to have these new shades of nude K TAPE at the ready to offer to my patients of colour,” she says. “It’s another way we can be innovative in the service we provide as Performance Physiotherapists.”

“I hope that it will become the norm to have a variety of shades to hand as an option for supportive taping,” she adds. “Most of all, I hope that as the performing arts industry makes its return, I get to witness some satisfied faces leave my clinic room as a result of this step forward.

“We can begin to comfortably hold the option for nude K TAPE for more discreetly supported injuries and allow our patients’ fewer worries about their appearance on the show being compromised.

This is Just the Beginning

We thank Genevieve for giving up her time to give us some powerful insight.

You can follow her on Instagram and we encourage you to check out her Personal Website and PhysioEd Medical.

We’re constantly innovating and progressing our product range, and we’ll be adding more skin tone colours to our range so stay tuned!

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