Learn this simple Kinesiology Tape Hamstring application, to aid HAMSTRING PAIN and STIFFNESS. We GURANTEE you’ll know how to use Kinesiology Tape on hamstring injuries by the end of the video!

The Kinesiology Tape Hamstring application is the most popular K Taping Leg application, and combines the neutral and stretch techniques into one application. Recap the K Taping Techniques Video video if you’re new to K Taping.

Remember to use the step by step guide below to break down the kinesiology tape hamstring application. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us, or follow our YOUTUBE CHANNEL for access to even more taping tips.




  • Measure the tape along the belly of the hamstring that you are aiming to affect, for this video it is Biceps Femoris.

  • Cut your I STRIP and round the corners.

  • Lay your first base down at the ischial tuberosity (top of the hamstring) with no tension on the tape.

  • Bend forwards, placing the hamstring into a stretched position.


  • Lay your I STRIP down along the belly of Biceps Femoris with 0% stretch.

  • Stand back up to return to a neutral position.


  • Cut a second, shorter I STRIP.

  • Rip the backing paper of your second I STRIP at both ends and remove the centre section of backing paper.

  • Gripping the tape using the backing paper that is still stuck, stretch the middle of the tape to 50-75% and lay it down directly over the top of the specific site of pain.

  • Lay the tails of the tape down with no tension to prevent recoil at the ends.

  • Wait 30 minutes before starting any exercise.