Learn how to use strap a SHOULDER using Kinesiology Tape in under 2 minutes. Commonly used for Shoulder Pain, Rotator Cuff strains and shoulder impingements, this is an application every therapist should know.




  • Measure and cut 2 strips of the tape from the deltoid tuberosity to the acromiom.

  • Measure the tape slightly long to allow for the stretch on the muscle.

  • Prepare a Y STRIP by cutting one strip of tape in half lengthways, leaving a small tab at one end.


  • Stick this tab to the deltoid tuberosity with 0% stretch.

  • Bring your arm behind your back, placing the shoulder in horizontal adduction and medial rotation.

  • Lay the anterior tail of the Y STRIP along the anterior deltoid, finishing at the shoulder.


  • Move the arm to a full stretch across the front of your body, supporting with the other arm if needed.

  • Lay the posterior tail of the Y STRIP along the posterior deltoid, finishing at the shoulder and creating a teardrop shape.


  • Measure and cut another strip of tape fromSlump your shoulder and tilt your head towards the opposite shoulder.

  • Lay the base of the second strip down with 0% stretch (preferably on the skin for greater adhesion) at the bottom of the deltoid.

  • Stick the rest of the tape down with 0% stretch; up the arm and across the shoulder.

  • Wait 30 minutes before exercising to allow the tape time to set.