Follow this video to learn how to strap a shoulder using sports tape. This application uses both Kinesiology Tape and Zinc Oxide Strapping Tape for maximum efficacy. Popular in contact sports such as Rugby, this application provides postural support and muscular activation around the shoulder.




  • Start by K Taping the Deltoid.

  • Measure the tape from the deltoid tuberosity to the acromiom, allowing a little extra for the stretch on the muscle.

  • Rip your backing paper to allow you to place the base of the tape down over the deltoid tuberosity aiming slightly anteriorly.

  • Get the patient to bring their hand behind their back, placing the shoulder in horizontal adduction and medial rotation.

  • Lay the rest of your K Tape strip down over the posterior deltoid towards the acromion process.


  • Return the arm to neutral and lay your second anchor down, but this time aim medially. Again be cautious that this is placed with no stretch.

  • Ask your patient to straighten their arm across the chest, supporting it with the other arm if needed. This places shoulder into abduction, extension and external rotation.

  • Lay the rest of your second I STRIP over the anterior deltoid towards acromion process.


  • Measure Fixation Tape and apply from anterior to posterior shoulder.

  • Apply Zinc Oxide Tan over the Fixation Tape, pulling the shoulder back. This will secure the shoulder in place and create a postural correction.


  • Measure K TAPE from front of shoulder, along the length of the supraspinatus muscle.

  • Prepare a Y strip by cutting your strip down the centre, leaving a small tab, and round the edges. If you’re not sure how, see our ‘K Tape Cuts’ video.

  • Internally rotate and extend shoulder once again, by placing the patient’s hand behind their back.

  • Lay the anchor at the front of the shoulder, and rest of the tape along the line of supraspinatus with 0% stretch.


  • Finish by covering the strips of Zinc Oxide with Kinesiology Tape.

  • Measure K Tape along the length of Zinc Oxide Tape.

  • Round the edges and apply direclty over the top of the Zinc Oxide tape with 0% stretch