Follow this taping guide to learn how to strap and lift the Deltoid. Used commonly in Rugby and other contact sports, this easy strapping application video will teach you how to strap a shoulder using Zinc Oxide Tape in 90 seconds!




  • Using Fixing Tape as your anchors. Lay a strip from mid pectoral over the AC joint to mid scapula.

  • If you are using the 10cm width 1 strip should be enough.


  • Depending on the size of the shoulder, use either Zinc Oxide 3.8cm or 5cm (Tan is preferable due to the joint being large and heavy).

  • Apply an anchor of Zinc Oxide tape around the mid bicep.

  • Be sure to have your patient tense their bicep as you apply so that it is at maximum size. This will help prevent the tape compressing the area if the muscle expands during exercise.


  • Apply your first strip from the bicep anchor, aiming up along the centre of the deltoid. Tape with enough force to lift the deltoid.

  • Reinforce by applying a strip slightly offset on each side, each time creating a further lift on the deltoid.


  • To offer further support around the AC Joint, add a strip from the anterior anchor over the AC joint to the posterior upper anchor.

  • Repeat from the posterior side, creating an X shape over the midpoint of the AC joint.

  • Re-apply your anchors using Zinc Oxide tape.

  • Cover with Kinesiology Tape if needed to provide further water protection.