Dressing Tape Alternative - Fixation Tape

Dressing Tape Alternatives - SPORTTAPE

SPORTTAPE Fixation Tape is our alternative to other dressing retention tapes. Some people will know it as Hypafix, some will know it as Fix Tape, but whatever you call it, it's a dream of a tape! This is our guide to explain exactly what it is, how to use it and what sort of difference it can make to your applications!


Fixation Tape is strong, breathable and super sticky. Conforming easily to any area of the body with an adhesive designed to last, whatever your sport can throw at it. It’s quickly becoming an essential tape for every club therapist’s kitbag.

The acrylic adhesive is much kinder to the skin than Zinc Oxide glues too, making SPORTTAPE Fixation Tape perfect for sensitive areas of the body. 

Most commonly used around the shoulder, elbow, and knee. It's been specifically designed with the pitch-side therapist in mind, offering a more affordable dressing retention tape.



We use hypoallergenic, non-woven synthetic fibres that are permeable to moisture, meaning the skin can breathe and air can circulate. Used commonly in sports and medical settings to secure dressings and pads.


Our backing tape is cut down the centre, making it easy to remove and apply to dressings, gauze, pads or below Zinc Oxide Tape.


Our fixation fabric tape is strong, breathable and super sticky. It conforms easily to any area of the body with an adhesive designed to last whatever your sport can throw at it.

Its breathable fabric means that the skin can breathe properly and air can circulate through the tape. This makes the application less prone to peeling when you start sweating.


Our acrylic adhesive is kinder to the skin than Zinc Oxide glues, making Fixation Tape perfect for sensitive areas of the body and easy to remove. We’d always recommend a test patch if you have a known history of taping allergies.

5. 2 SIZES

The 10cm width is perfect for wider muscle groups and joints, and holding dressings and plasters in place. The 5cm width is great for patella malt racking and for use in combination with P tape (Zinc Oxide Tan).


Although both tapes are designed protect the skin prior to taping, which one you choose will depend on the area that you’re taping, whether any glue is allowed to touch the skin and whether you have time to cut strips of Fixation Tape.

Underwrap is primarily used to protect your skin from the potential irritation of wearing adhesive tapes (i.e. Zinc Oxide & EAB). Acting as a thin barrier, Underwrap is applied before overlaying with strapping tape.

It’s also highly effective against tape chafing and alternatively, can be used to secure cold packs and bandages in place during use. It’s made from a lightweight foam that is porous, water-repellent and really easy to use.

Fix Tape is rigid and can’t be ripped by hand, so you’ll need a pair of scissors to cut your strips. Because it’s adhesive there’s no need to wrap an entire joint and you can use smaller strips as anchors to help Zinc Oxide Tape stay in place more effectively.

And that's it! That's our ideal dressing tape alternative for all the sports physios out there! If you have any other questions about Fixation Tape, Underwrap or want to learn more about exactly how and when it's used, get in touch! We'd love to help. 

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