What is the Best Tape for Ankle Strapping?

What is the Best Tape for Ankle Strapping? - SPORTTAPE

When you’re ankle strapping you need to choose an ankle tape with a HIGH TENSILE STRENGTH and NO STRETCH. There’s nothing more frustrating to a player than them rolling their ankle when it was supposed to have been taped up securely.

ZINC OXIDE TAPE is the best choice for ankle strapping. It is a non-stretch tape that provides unrivalled support. Choose the TAN/BROWN version for the highest tensile strength.

Zinc Oxide Tapes can also be ripped by hand. This will make your applications faster and get your player off the treatment bed in record time.


Taping the ankle is common in all sport that require a lot of lateral movement; such as netball, basketball, hockey and snowboarding.

Strapping the ankle with Zinc Oxide prevents the ankle from rolling inwards. This also provides additional support to the foot when performing quick changes of direction.


KINESIOLOGY TAPE can be used to support the ankle. It’s perfect if you still need to maintain a level of flexibility through the ankle joint.

K Taping will aid proprioception if your athlete needs a neural response to correct their ankle positioning. It will not restrict movement.

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