Kinesiology Tape for Swimming

Kinesiology Tape for Swimming - SPORTTAPE

Using K Tape for swimming can be tricky, but our EXTRA STICKY KINESIOLOGY TAPE is designed for anything that sport can throw at it. So when we launched it back in 2012, we put it to the test.

When Daniel Green (@danieljgreen), a Physiotherapist and Sprint Swimmer, tweeted us to say that he’s been unable to get another tape to stick in the pool, we saw our chance.

Here’s what Daniel had to say…


“As a National Level swimmer and therapist, I used KINESIOLOGY TAPE for swimming quite a lot. Until now I have struggled to find a tape which stays on in the water. Previous tapes have lasted as little as 10 minutes into a 2 hour pool session. SPORTTAPE’S EXTRA STICKY K TAPE is the only tape I’ve used that stands up to multiple swim sessions and gym sessions in one application.”


“My best tip is to prevent (prehab) injury occurring in the first place, by strengthening the structures under most stress. 90% of swimmers complain of ‘swimmers shoulder’ which is a weakness of the rotator cuff. This causes impingement of the supraspinatus. This can be cured by simply strengthening the muscles around the rotator cuff. The gym is a swimmers best friend“


1. CONTROL PAIN – Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation (when possible). This helps to control inflammation and promote the healing effects.

2. MAINTAIN FITNESS – Cross training. Use other training activities to maintain fitness.

3. RESTORE RANGE OF MOVEMENT (ROM) – It is essential to do this early and can be done wearing SPORTTAPE. This will help prevent scar tissue formation, which can impair the functional movement patterns needed for sport.

4. BUILD STRENGTH – Essential for restoring function and strength to pre-injury levels. 

5. RE-ESTABLISH PROPRICEPTION – Kinaesthesia and Neuromuscular control, this should be a primary concern post injury.

6. FUNCTIONAL PROGRESSION – Gradually progress activities to restore normal function and prepare for reintroduction to sport. Every progression becomes a test; don’t progress any further until you have passed that test pain free.

You can use SPORTTAPE to assist injured joints and muscles throughout your healing and return to sport. If you’d like, you can follow me on Twitter @danieljgreen, for training, competition updates and any questions you may have!

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