How to Remove Kinesiology Tape

Kinesiology tape removal

You’ve got yourself a roll of KINESIOLOGY TAPE. You’ve used it for a couple of days and felt the benefits. Now, you’re faced with a problem…HOW THE HELL DO I REMOVE KINESIOLOGY TAPE?

We understand just how sticky our K TAPE is. It can be a literal pain to remove.

Follow this guide, to keep your skin in one piece, and learn how to remove KINESIOLOGY TAPE correctly. Not only that, but these steps will also reduce the chances of irritation caused by improper removal.

What is kinesiology tape?

KINESIOLOGY TAPE or K-TAPE often seen as those brightly colored strips adorning athletes, is more than just a fashion statement. This stretchy, adhesive tape is designed to support and stabilize muscles and joints without restricting movement, making it a popular choice among both weekend warriors and elite athletes.

Football players use it for stability, gymnasts rely on it for support, and cyclists appreciate the pain relief it can offer. Even yoga enthusiasts and weightlifters find it handy for muscle support and injury prevention. Essentially, if you're moving and grooving in any athletic activity, KINESIOLOGY TAPE can help keep you in the game and performing at your best.


Let’s get the obvious out of the way first. Warm soapy water is always worth an attempt. It’s the equivalent of turning something off and back on again. Get that shower running or treat yourself to a bath. 

warm soapy water

Get some warm soapy water over it, allow it to make its way through the glue and try pulling it off. We’d always recommend trying this for a simple removal.


Oils are a tape’s worst nightmare. That’s exactly why you wouldn’t apply tape to freshly moisturised skin. Massage oils are particularly bad for getting KINESIOLOGY TAPE to stick.

BUT, for removal, they can be a dream. Just soak your tape in a little oil for a few minutes, and the tape will come off MUCH EASIER.

That bottle of baby oil you’ve had in the cupboard forever is finally going to get its opportunity to shine.


Tape doesn’t want to be removed. It will grip to your skin tighter than Big Sam to a manager's job.

Punk kinesiology tape

Stretching the skin and pulling the KINESIOLOGY TAPE off slowly, gives a firm surface to remove your tape. Combine that with some oils or the classic warm soapy water, then you’re really on to a winner.


When it comes to KINESIOLOGY TAPE. ‘Grip and rip’ is a BAD IDEA. This is a sure-fire way to cause skin irritation and take some skin and hair with you in the process.

Peel it off slowly and do so, in the direction that the hair grows, on whatever particular part of the body you’re removing tape from.


If none of the above appeals to you, then your final option is to wait it out. Eventually the glue on our K TAPE will give up and admit defeat.

However, you could be waiting 7+ days, at which point the best effects of the K TAPE will be long gone, so it’s worth leaving patience as more of a last resort.

So there you have it. You now have the very best tips and tricks on how to remove KINESIOLOGY TAPE safely.

playing football with kinesiology tape

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